21st Century ICT

The 21st Century ICT is the very first ICT e-learning application developed for the Caribbean Curriculum. It covers most topics of Schools’ Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum, NCSE and CSEC (CSEC lower level). It allows students to learn about ICT in a fun and exciting way through the use of notes, videos, quizzes and games. When you purchase the 21st Century ICT on this website or at RIK book stores, you get the Windows version which can be installed on all your computers, along with an Unlock Code. Keep the code safe as you will need to use it while installing the software on your computer. The Unlock Code can also be used to unlock all topics of the mobile app versions of the 21st Century ICT. Try the 21st Century ICT for free by downloading the mobile app versions from Google Play or the Apple App Store. In order to unlock the locked topics, the Unlock Code will be required which is available upon purchase.